Launch new data solution |  RX Control Next Level

Launch new data solution | RX Control Next Level

RAXTAR is pleased to announce the launch of the next generation of RX Control.

RX Control Next Level is a software solution with enhanced data collection functionality that enables better management of logistical flows during the building process. All RAXTAR rack-and-pinion hoists can be equipped with this innovative new edition of remote monitoring system.

RX Control Next Level significantly contributes to the success of your project, providing
↗️ Incident Management
↗️ Pro-active maintenance
↗️ Optimization of the logistical flow on site
↗️ Leverage of insights to future construction projects

The collection and analysis of data are key to maximize uptime on jobsites. Through a personal login, RAXTAR customers gain access to the cloud-based platform, showing real-time hoist data such as floor information, waiting times, ride times and load capacities, all being visualized in informative crisp graphics.

RX Control Next Level is an easy to use tool that helps operation and jobsite managers to optimize hoist usage and productivity, contributing to increased efficiency, reduced risk and higher profit margins on construction projects.

Learn more on RAXTAR remote management solutions. Our team is happy to guide your through RX Control Next Level.


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