Common tower solutions: unequaled safety and modularity

The RAXTAR Common Tower is a unique modular logistical hub for use on high-rise construction sites.

The RX Common Tower was developed to help maximize the transport of people and materials while minimizing the footprint and the space required for access into the building.

RX Common Tower systems are highly efficient logistical hubs for transporting personnel and materials into high-rise buildings under construction. By concentrating hoisting in one area, RX Common Tower systems allow building facades to be installed around the open faces of the building, while keeping only a limited access point open from the RX Common Tower. RX Common Towers enable finishing work to start at an early stage of the construction process while the main structure is still under construction and continues to grow in height.

Designed for high-rise applications, our Common Tower hoists enable vertical movement of crews and materials at jobsites.

RAXTAR offers a special range of dual-mast, frequency-driven hoists for large materials such as prefabricated bathrooms and kitchen pods. The RX twin-mast hoists can be combined with the RX Common Tower system.

RAXTAR’s Common Tower was designed to be completely independent of other jobsite resources for erection and dismantling. The RX Common Tower system results in increased hoist availability compared to conventional systems and does not require crane time during erection or dismantling.

RX Common Tower systems require over 20% less labor than conventional systems, while also increasing safety by providing a safe working environment at height during installation and dismantling – no climbing or heavy lifting for the crew and no rope lifting.

The RX Common Tower system’s modular design allows it to support a variety of hoist models and Common Tower layouts. A single RX Common Tower can accommodate up to three twin-car hoist configurations for a total of six hoist cabins.

The RX Common Tower provides compelling advantages over the more traditional systems on the market

Independent erection and dismantling resulting in reduced hoist usage and no crane time

Less labor during erection and dismantling (saving over 20%)

Increased safety for crews with no heavy lifting or rope lifting and no climbing

Safety first – safe working environment at height during installation and dismantling

Modular design supports different hoist models and systems

RX Common Tower Lite

Lately we launched the RX Common Tower Lite. Like the RX Common Tower, this logistical hub is a modular temporary system that serves a building with up to 6 standard hoists.

The RX Common Tower Lite fits perfectly in the mid-rise market for construction up to a 150 meters (500 ft).

The RX Common Tower Lite is a great solution to follow building shapes that are changing due to new technologies and design opportunities.

The RX Common Tower Lite can also be used as a setback structure with runoffs up to 6.0m / 20 ft.

The system is reliable, safe, quick and easy to install, using only pin connections and ergonomic installation tools. It's designed to carry heavy loads.

This video gives a good impression of how the first RAXTAR Common Tower in France was used to build the Tour Alto, in cooperation with Bouygues Bâtiment and Bouygues Construction.

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