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Previously, offering remote access to equipment was mainly about guaranteeing uptime and conducting preventive (rather than reactive) maintenance. In other words, the focus was on Service Level Management.

Today, RAXTAR has noticed a clear shift from Service Level Management toward data collection, reporting, modeling, and the integration of multiple information sources. Equipping vertical access solutions with data management and BIM integration capabilities will lead to increased efficiency, reduced risk, and higher profit margins on construction projects. RAXTAR solutions offer improved data collection capabilities, enabling modeling and analysis to optimize logistical processes on high-rise construction sites.

RAXTAR hoists have been equipped with remote management capabilities through the RX Control Next Level management application since 2006.

Benefits of

Based on 15 years of experience in the remote management of RAXTAR construction elevators, RAXTAR is fully committed to extending IoT (Internet of Things) capabilities on its cloud-based platform in the following areas:

Trouble shooting

Pro-active maintenance

Optimized site logistics

Model future projects

BIM Integration

Cloud based platform

Improve the efficiency of the construction processes

“Costs of failure in the construction industry remain very high. The annual costs in the Netherlands can quickly rise to five billion euros. Over 40% of construction companies estimate that their failure costs amount to 5% or more for each project.”

“What are the high costs attributable to? Inefficiency in the construction process, lack of time, ….”

This is of course not limited to the construction market in the Netherlands, but a global challenge for all construction companies. RAXTAR’s RX Control Next Level Cloud Based Management solution exactly aims at coping with these challenges and helping construction companies over the world to: Improve the efficiency of the construction processes.

Service Level Management.
At the first place RX Control Next Level increases the uptime of the construction hoists on a job site. Both reactively when a problem occurs by pinpointing exactly what is wrong. RX Control Next Level manages over 150 parameters of a construction hoist and provides exact information of the control system and “behavior” of the hoist. But us a well preventively, by predicting parts are going to fail or need maintenance before the actual problem occurs. By using smart algorithms (AI), RX Control Next Levels is able to indicate to hoist owners which critical parts to the operation of a hoist are at the end of their technical life and need to be exchanged of maintained.

Efficient Project Logistics.
RX Control Next Level provides exact information on waiting times, riding times, loading capacities, etc.. per hoist, hoist complex or the entire jobsite. By having access to this real-time information, the job site manager is able to adapt the utilisation and “behaviour” of the job-site’s hoists as needed (per building phase) to optimize hoist (capacity) utilization, productivity and consequently the project’s logistical efficiency.

Model future projects.
By using data gathered over 100’s of construction projects worldwide, RX Control Next Level helps construction companies with better planning of new and future projects. By comparing the future building’s BIM model with different types of similar buildings in RX Control Next Level’s Cloud environment and the corresponding data on the construction hoist’s waiting times and capacity utilization, RX Control Next Level will enable construction companies to better plan their projects. RX Control Next Level’s capacity to model and define future project’s optimal access solutions, will lead to a better planning of the logistical process of a construction project.

The smart
way to

All RAXTAR hoists can be equipped with the RX Control Next Level system. This software solution with enhanced data collection functionality enables better management of logistical flows during the building process.

The RX Control Next Level remote monitoring system provides access to RAXTAR hoists at jobsites around the world, allowing continuous management and troubleshooting. Managing hoists through RX Control Next Level helps operation and jobsite managers to optimize hoist usage proactively based on real-time data.

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