Let us take
care of

RAXTAR delivers your vertical access solution on a turnkey basis. We’re with you every step of the way, from the concept phase of your project to the execution and follow-up care. Our team of designers and engineers are committed to installing and servicing the best access solution for your specific construction project.

and safety

RAXTAR construction hoists for passengers and materials and RAXTAR Common Tower solutions come with our quality assurance program to ensure they are safety certified and meet our standards of excellence.

The quality assurance program includes: construction and engineering advice, transportation, installation and dismantling, training and education, multiple contract models for incidental and preventive maintenance, refurbishment and recertification of overspeed safety devices, rental or lease options, availability of genuine spare parts, Building Information Modeling (BIM), data and software applications, refurbishment of permanent lifts (including the use of a temporary hoist during the refurb process), and strategic safety stock levels.