Modular solution adapts to all façade shapes

Building shapes are changing as new technologies give rise to new design opportunities for architects. As a result, the question of how to bridge the gap between the construction hoist or common tower and the building has become increasingly difficult to answer.

To cope with this challenge, RAXTAR developed a smart new system for setback structures and common tower solutions for mid-rise construction projects.

RAXTAR’s SMART Setback and Common Tower system is geared toward buildings up to 150-200 m / 500-650 ft tall and consisting of up to 40-50 levels. With an autonomous runoff length of 6.50 m / 21 ft, the RAXTAR Smart Setback and Common Tower system is quick and easy to install, using only pin connections and ergonomic installation tools. It’s also safe – no lifting or climbing necessary. Its modular design enables it to fit any building shape or existing hoist setup.

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