At RAXTAR, we believe that safety should always be top priority. All RAXTAR construction hoists and elevators are equipped with a certified overspeed safety device. This device is the most important safety component. It prevents the hoist from operating at speeds greater than predetermined values by activating an emergency brake.

The RAXTAR safety device is a sealed unit and needs weekly greasing. To guarantee safe operation at all times, RAXTAR’s safety devices must be replaced or recertified after three years. We can handle all your requirements when it comes to the refurbishment and recertification of overspeed safety devices.

Let us ensure
your safety

The overspeed safety device is an essential safety component that stops the car if the rated speed is exceeded in the downward direction. To ensure the safe operation of your RAXTAR hoist, the overspeed device must be refurbished and recertified periodically.

At RAXTAR, we have a team of well-trained technicians who are qualified to test and recertify your overspeed device to the latest RAXTAR standards using only genuine replacement parts. RAXTAR overspeeds can only be tested and serviced by RAXTAR technicians at RAXTAR headquarters.

Benefits of RAXTAR refurbishment services

In-house recertification of RAXTAR overspeed devices

Clear procedure with RMA form and set lead time

Genuine RAXTAR parts only

Great value compared to buying a new unit

Let us handle your refurbishment needs!