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RAXTAR is the number-one provider of vertical access solutions for some of the world’s most complex high-rise buildings. We don’t just “move stuff up” – we work with our customers to develop world-class, innovative access solutions for their high-rise construction projects that reduce risk, increase efficiency, and improve profit margins.


We are committed to making our customers’ vertical logistics more efficient. We offer customized solutions for every situation, going the extra mile to realize our customers’ challenges. We love to go next level with our customers. We take a personal approach to business and we value long-term relationships, enabling us to truly understand the challenges facing our customers.

RAXTAR is a trusted partner for construction companies and hoist rental companies in Western Europe, North America, the Nordic countries and Oceania. We stand for maximum efficiency, reliability and safety.


RAXTAR hoists have been used for many years on some of the world's most demanding job sites. As a result, we have developed unparalleled knowledge and expertise when it comes to the critical aspects and components of construction elevators. By using smart, efficient engineering techniques, we have translated this knowledge into a new line of products. The smart design enables a quick install on site, offering a C-gate, full height ground enclosure, programmable landings, and a hoist calling system. The RX SMART Series is an ideal access solution for your mid-rise construction projects.


RAXTAR provides total vertical access solutions that guarantee safety, reliability, and excellent service. As a leading specialist, we aim to understand our customers’ challenging needs for access at height, providing construction hoists, Common Tower solutions and software solutions to reduce risk, increase efficiency and improve profit margins on your high-rise and mid-rise construction projects.

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At RAXTAR, it’s never just about the construction hoist. It is a total package of expertise, advice, design, engineering, training, installing and dismantling, spare parts, service, and technical support that makes the difference.