Experience and expertise
translated into smart,
efficient solutions

In 2020, RAXTAR introduced a new generation of construction hoists. We translated years of experience and expertise on some of the world’s most demanding projects into a new line of products: The RX SMART Series.

Over the years, RAXTAR hoists have been used on over 2500 high-rise projects, giving us a thorough understanding of what goes into making the perfect passenger and material hoists. We know exactly which design features will make the difference in terms of reliability, safety and TCO. Using smart, efficient design, we have applied this knowledge to a new family of passenger and material hoists: the RX SMART Series. This series is geared toward the mid-rise market.


2300 kg
5000 lbs


36 m/min
120 ft/min


2300 mm
7’ 7’’


63 amps
RX SMART Series goods hoist

After launching the RX SMART Series passenger and material hoist in 2020, we are now expanding the RX SMART Series family, introducing the RXS2300.

We offer two configurations, a material hoist only and a transport platform.

Like all RAXTAR solutions, RAXTAR’s material hoist was developed by combining real, hands-on experience with innovative technologies. We joined forces with general contractors to design our hoist, incorporating both companies’ best practices when it comes to maintaining, operating, and using material hoists. This partnership resulted in a safe, robust, low-maintenance, highly reliable material hoist that is widely used throughout the industry, including by the contractors who were involved in its development.

RX SMART Series transport platform

RAXTAR transport platforms provide a flexible approach to the vertical transport of both personnel and materials at low-to-medium-rise construction projects, as well as for the renovation and maintenance of buildings and industrial plants. Built on the same principles as the RAXTAR construction hoist family, RAXTAR transport platforms are the perfect solution for supplying larger materials and tools, including glass panels, palletized materials, scaffolding, mini loaders, etc.

Model Load capacity (KG) Speed (M/MIN) Internal cabin size (MM)
RXS2332F 2300 36 3080 x 1520 x 2550
RXS2340F 2300 36 3880 x 1520 x 2550
RXS2300GH-3.2m 2300 24 3100 x 1490 x 1100
RXS2300GH-4.0m 2300 24 3900 x 1490 x 1100
RXS2300TP-3.2m 2300 12 3100 x 1490 x 2450
RXS2300TP -4.0m 2300 12 3900 x 1490 x 2450
Model Load capacity (LBS) Speed (FPM) Internal cabin size (FT/IN)
RXS2332F 5000 120 10’ 1 ½” x 5’x 8’ 4”
RXS2340F 5000 120 12’ 9” x 5’x 8’ 4”
RXS2300GH-3.2m 5000 80 10’½” x 4’11”x 3’7”
RXS2300GH-4.0m 5000 80 12’10” x 4’11”x 3’7”
RXS2300TP-3.2m 5000 40 10’½” x 4’11”x 8'
RXS2300TP -4.0m 5000 40 12’10” x 4’11”x 8'
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