"For the past decade, solutions offering remote access to equipment were mainly geared toward guaranteeing uptime and conducting preventive (rather than reactive) maintenance. In other words, the focus was on Service Level Management. At RAXTAR, we’ve spotted a clear shift away from Service Level Management toward data collection, reporting, modeling, and the integration of multiple information sources. RAXTAR’s cloud-based data management platform and the integration of BIM capabilities into our vertical access solutions enables predictive modeling, giving our customers insight into how changes to their setup will affect the building process. This will enable them to minimize risk and increase both profit margins and efficiency on their construction projects. RAXTAR aims to be at the forefront of this revolution.

A construction elevator is essentially just a box for transporting people and materials. Logistics – that’s what it’s all about nowadays. With the trend toward digitalization, RAXTAR now provides even more data on lift utilization, enabling you to streamline project logistics and boost productivity."