Our spare parts guarantee smooth,
safe operation

From safety devices to pinions and rollers, RAXTAR maintains a large inventory of spare parts that can be shipped worldwide. We provide original components and spare parts for preventive maintenance and repairs.

Benefits of RAXTAR parts:

Original RAXTAR parts

Open concept of delivering premium components

Spare parts kits, customized to your specific hoist type

Refurbishment service for RAXTAR safety devices

To guarantee the safe operation of your RAXTAR hoist and keep it in optimal condition, it is important to use only original or RAXTAR-approved parts. Only then can RAXTAR guarantee the safety of the hoist and of the setup as a whole. RAXTAR uses standard electrical components that are available in most countries, thereby reducing delivery times and costs (open-source system).

The electrical systems used in all RAXTAR hoists are built using standard, widely available components. Unlike other hoist suppliers, who lock their customers in by using proprietary parts available only through the manufacturer, RAXTAR solutions are based on an open concept, minimizing delivery times and costs.

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