160 Front Street

Toronto, Canada

Toronto skyline, we hope you are ready for 160 Front Street West!

In cooperation with AlumaSafway, RAXTAR is happy to contribute to the construction of 160 Front Street West, a 46-storey development with an overall building height of 240 meters (787 ft). The main contractor of this soon-to-be twelfth highest building of Canada is PCL Construction, the developer is Cadillac Fairview.

RAXTAR is providing a RX3245SF twin-hoist configuration to our valued partner AlumaSafway for the construction of this impressive project. With a lifting speed of 90 m/min (300 fpm), a payload of 3,200 kg (7,000 lbs) and an internal surface area of 8.3 square meters (27.3 square ft), AlumaSafway is able to quickly and efficiently transport passengers and materials in these custom-made hoists. In addition, due to the two added aluminum extensions, these hoists have a length of 5.5 meters (18 ft).