Comprehensive vertical access solutions for France’s tallest towers

Comprehensive vertical access solutions for France’s tallest towers


Comprehensive vertical access solutions for the construction of France’s tallest towers

Reliable and productive construction hoists are now an essential component of the industry, offering quick and dependable vertical access solutions for a wide range of projects. RAXTAR is the number one company in the world providing the best knowledge and access solutions for the most complex high-rise buildings in the world. RAXTAR is proud to contribute to several challenging and eye-catching projects in France. In fact, three of the five highest buildings in France have been built or are currently under construction using RAXTAR hoist’s proven technology:

The Link (242 m – 791 ft)

The Link is a 51-story skyscraper currently under construction in Puteaux, in the La Défense district of Paris. The tower will house the new head office of TotalEnergies. Between 5,500 and 6,000 employees will be grouped together in this impressive building. Upon completion in 2025, The Link will be the tallest skyscraper in France. RAXTAR will provide various custom-made vertical access solutions for the construction of this magnificent tower.

Tour Hekla (220 m – 722 ft)

Tour Hekla, the third-highest building in France, is just one example of RAXTAR’s ability to develop innovative solutions which meet the unique needs of the specific project and the challenges it presents.

RAXTAR provided a hoist set-up consisting of one twin cabin configuration with cabin sizes of 2x5 meters each and a third single high-speed cabin on the side with 3.2 tons lifting capacity to our valued customer BATEG - VINCI Construction France. The twin cabin configuration, which included a hydraulic ramp, allowed BATEG to transport facade panels efficiently and safely. The single high-speed cabin made it possible to quickly transport personnel.

Tour Incity (200 m – 656 ft)

Tour Incity in Lyon, France with its total height of 200 m is the highest skyscraper in France outside of Paris. This innovative building is the first HQE tower (High Environmental Quality) in France. RAXTAR supplied a true logistical solution tailored to demands of the job site. The vertical access solution provided by RAXTAR consisted of a 6.25 m wide RX2560D dual mast passenger & material hoist mainly for the façade elements, a 5.50 m long and 1.83 m wide RX2555HF passenger & material hoist for palletized materials and a smaller but fast RX2032SF passenger & material hoist to get the workers to the higher floors.

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