RAXTAR industrial solutions: driven by the needs of the industry

RAXTAR industrial solutions: driven by the needs of the industry

RAXTAR industrial solutions: driven by industry’s needs

Based on your requirements we offer the best vertical access solutions for both people and material. Safe, reliable & robust proven quality based on many years of experience. RAXTAR industrial hoists are designed for a broad variety of applications, based on the same principal purpose: providing safe and reliable access to one or more industrial core processes. Permanent or temporary since your production process is critical and often (semi-)continuous, minimizing downtime is crucial. A permanent lift significantly shortens logistics and maintenance lead-times while contributing to safety and care for your people and materials at the same time.

Temporary (rental) industrial elevators offer a perfect vertical access solution to support construction processes of new buildings and installations or to reduce duration of plant maintenance shutdowns. Robust and reliable RAXTAR’s industrial lifts all comply with our high-end standards with regard to robustness, safety and long lifetime in often challenging and demanding environments. Our access solutions are being used in industries like power plants, petrochemical installations, oil refineries, steel factories, asphalt works, concrete mixers, port cranes, bridges etc.

From the concept phase of your project to the execution and follow up care, we deliver your lift on a turn-key basis. RAXTAR has a team of designers and engineers focused on installing and servicing the best suitable access solutions for your type of industry. A RAXTAR industrial lift comes with our quality assurance program to ensure that it is safety certified and meets our standard of excellence.

RAXTAR’s own professional repair service solves reported incidents in accordance with terms laid down in our standard Service Level Agreement (SLA). The SLA contract also holds agreements regarding response times and applicable servicing hours, which can be extended from standard working hours to 24/7 services. Training & Education Safety comes first. All RAXTAR training, safety seminars, manuals and other literature are designed in compliance with current norms & regulations. Need an elevator to get mechanics & their tools up to your installation to ensure core production processes? Or do you require a solution to carry both people and substantial loads? We have the right lift for any required job.

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