The best rental solutions for your vertical transport needs

The best rental solutions for your vertical transport needs

The best rental solutions for your vertical transport needs

With over 2,500 completed projects and 750 manufactured hoists worldwide, RAXTAR has the knowledge and experience to deliver the world’s most innovative vertical access solutions. For nearly three decades, RAXTAR have been providing professional vertical transport systems for both passengers & goods in the industrial and construction sectors. Our high-end construction hoists have proven themselves at a multitude of jobsites around the world and solve the obstacles of vertical access on industrial- and construction sites in several countries, including the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, France, Germany and the United Kingdom, where our rental products currently are offered.

Rental solutions in the Benelux:

Our rental office in the Benelux started out as ANC Platforms & Hoists in 1993. It is nowadays the leading rental company for passenger & material hoists in this region and provides total solutions that guarantee reliability, safety and excellent service. We rent out equipment that has been designed and manufactured in house, featuring an impressive range of sizes and capabilities.

Rental solutions in France:

After working with valued partners for several years in France, RAXTAR decided in 2020 to set up a branch office in Paris. Together with our partners, we have worked on multiple high-rise rental projects, including Tour Hekla, Tours Duo and Tour Alto.

Rental solutions in Germany:

In 2020, RAXTAR expanded its rental business by working with GP Log on our first project in Germany. At The Spin in Frankfurt am Main, a 128-meter (420 feet) high skyscraper, RAXTAR installed a RX Common Tower together with a RX4050DM hoist for transporting all façade elements. Besides, RAXTAR provided a twin-hoist configuration for transporting passengers and materials safely and efficiently during the construction.

In 2021, we began to work on two of the biggest construction projects in Europe: FOUR in Frankfurt am Main and Heidestrasse in Berlin.

Rental solutions in the United Kingdom:

Our first UK-based rental project took place in London in 2015. A few years later we expanded our service to other major cities in the United Kingdom, such as Manchester, Leeds, Bristol and Cardiff. At this moment we have a full-grown rental business, with an office located in Wollaston in the center of the UK, which allows us easy and convenient to all main locations in the United Kingdom.

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