ZRX Series


The combination of RAXTAR’s state of the art technology and ZOOMLION’s strength and unique quality mass production capacities has resulted in a new series of construction hoists offering efficient, safe and reliable vertical access to people and materials.

The ZRX Series benefit from ZOOMLION’s economies of scale while maintaining the technological advantages which differentiates RAXTAR solutions today. ZRX Series stands for optimized cost construction elevators that fully comply with European norms & regulations and the highest safety standards.

ZRX2032F Passenger & Material Hoist.

The ZRX2032F has been designed for a payload capacity of 2000 kg travelling at 42 m/min and is available in a single or twin car configuration. The ZRX2032F is equipped with European hoist control systems that are frequency control based ensuring smooth starting and stopping to minimize wear and tear, stepless speed control and precise height positioning.

The ZRX2032F is equipped with a RAXTAR safety device, overload detection and mechanical and electrical interlocking door systems to ensure safe operations.

The electrical systems of the ZRX Series hoists are based on standard components available around the globe - an open concept that lowers delivery times and costs.

Some of the ZRX2032F outstanding features:

  • Joystick or Touch Panel/PLC fully automated controls with ASI bus calling system.
  • Meets or exceeds EN12159:2012.
  • Fully galvanized ground enclosure with forklift supports for easy handling.
  • RAXTAR European certified safety device.
  • Standard European electrical components.
  • Cable trolley system for problem free cable handling.
  • Ease & speed of installation.

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