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Industrial lifts


RAXTAR industrial hoists are designed for a broad variety of applications, based on the same principal purpose: providing safe and reliable access to one or more industrial core processes.

Robust and reliable
RAXTAR’s industrial lifts all comply with our high-end standards with regard to robustness, safety and long lifetime in often challenging and demanding environments.
Our access solutions are being used in industries like power plants, petrochemical installations, oil refineries, steel factories, asphalt works, concrete mixers, oil rigs, port cranes, etc.
Solutions range
RAXTAR hoists are available with car lengths of 1,50 m to 4,50 m (5' to 14’-9”), lifting speeds of 24 to 92 m/min (80 to 345 ft/min) and pay loads of 400 to 3600 kg (880 to 8000 lbs).
Download our 'Industrial brochure' / download our 'Industrial Tabel' or contact RAXTAR for more information!

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