Common Tower Solutions

RX Common Tower - “The Safer Access Tower for High Rises”


RAXTAR the specialist of vertical access solutions introduces a new unique modular logistical hub for construction sites: RX Common Tower. The RX Common Tower was born to help maximize the transport of people and materials while taking up the least amount of footprint and minimum space required for access into the building. The RX Common Tower provides compelling advantages over the “traditional” systems available in the market.

Independent erection and dismantling resulting in less hoist usage and no crane time.

Less labor during erection and dismantling (saving over 20%).

Increased safety for crews with no heavy or rope lifting and no climbing.

Safety first - complete save working environment at height during installation and dismantling.

The modularity of the RX Common Tower supports different hoist models and systems.

Designed for high-rise applications, our Common Tower Hoists enable vertical movement of crews and materials at jobsites around the world. 

Proven at Landmark Projects in Manhattan, NY

One WTC – 1370’ high, 94 stories, 13 RAXTAR Hoists

432 Park Avenue – 1395’ high, 104 stories, 6 RAXTAR Hoists

Gem Building – 460’ high, 34 stories, 4 RAXTAR Hoists


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