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RAXTAR provides the best answer to SAFE and RELIABLE vertical access systems for the lowest Total Cost of Ownership in the market.

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Passenger & Material Hoist

RAXTAR passengers and materials hoists operate at the heart of the logistics of construction projects. Due to their reliability under the severest conditions, RAXTAR construction hoists for passengers and materials guarantee the supply of materials and personnel around the clock at the right time at the right place (height).

RAXTAR passenger and material hoists are available with car lengths of 1,80 m to 4,50 m (10’-6” to 14’-9”), lifting speeds of 24 to 92 m/min (80 to 300 ft/min) and pay loads of 500 to 3600 kg (1100 to 8000 lbs).

Download our 'Expert imperial Tabel' / download our 'Expert metric Tabel' or contact RAXTAR for more information!



Materials Hoist

Like all other RAXTAR solutions, the development of the RAXTAR material hoists is based on real life hands-on experience combined with innovative technologies. In fact, for the development of the RAXTAR material hoist, RAXTAR joined forces with two large Dutch general contractors in order to combine the companies' best practises on maintaining, operating and using material hoists. The partnership resulted in a robust, low maintenance, highly reliable and safe material hoist, that is widely used amongst others by the general contractors them self. 


Transport Platforms

RAXTAR Transport Platforms provide a flexible approach to the vertical transport of both personnel and materials at lower to medium height construction projects, renovations and maintenance of buildings or industrial plants. Built on the same principles as the RAXTAR construction hoist family, RAXTAR transport platforms are the appropriate solution for the supply of large sized materials and tools, like glass panels, palletized materials, scaffolding, mini loaders, etc.


Industrial lifts


RAXTAR industrial hoists are designed for a broad variety of applications, based on the same principal purpose: providing safe and reliable access to one or more industrial core processes.

Robust and reliable
RAXTAR’s industrial lifts all comply with our high-end standards with regard to robustness, safety and long lifetime in often challenging and demanding environments.
Our access solutions are being used in industries like power plants, petrochemical installations, oil refineries, steel factories, asphalt works, concrete mixers, oil rigs, port cranes, etc.
Solutions range
RAXTAR hoists are available with car lengths of 1,50 m to 4,50 m (5' to 14’-9”), lifting speeds of 24 to 92 m/min (80 to 345 ft/min) and pay loads of 400 to 3600 kg (880 to 8000 lbs).
Download our 'Industrial brochure' / download our 'Industrial Tabel' or contact RAXTAR for more information!

Common Tower Solutions

RX Common Tower - “The Safer Access Tower for High Rises”


RAXTAR the specialist of vertical access solutions introduces a new unique modular logistical hub for construction sites: RX Common Tower. The RX Common Tower was born to help maximize the transport of people and materials while taking up the least amount of footprint and minimum space required for access into the building. The RX Common Tower provides compelling advantages over the “traditional” systems available in the market.

Independent erection and dismantling resulting in less hoist usage and no crane time.

Less labor during erection and dismantling (saving over 20%).

Increased safety for crews with no heavy or rope lifting and no climbing.

Safety first - complete save working environment at height during installation and dismantling.

The modularity of the RX Common Tower supports different hoist models and systems.

Designed for high-rise applications, our Common Tower Hoists enable vertical movement of crews and materials at jobsites around the world. 

Proven at Landmark Projects in Manhattan, NY

One WTC – 1370’ high, 94 stories, 13 RAXTAR Hoists

432 Park Avenue – 1395’ high, 104 stories, 6 RAXTAR Hoists

Gem Building – 460’ high, 34 stories, 4 RAXTAR Hoists



Software Solutions

RXControl: “The Smart Way to Guarantee your Uptime”

All RAXTAR hoists can be equipped with the RXControl system. This remote monitoring system allows access to all RAXTAR hoists at jobsites around the world via the internet. As a result continuous management and troubleshooting can be applied. Managing hoists through RXControl enables operation and jobsite managers to optimize their hoists usage proactively based on Real Time information.

Features in RX Control’s latest version with a new interface responsive to any internet device:

New! Remote software and parameters updates and checks.

New! Hoist Complex View: one screen visualizes all the hoists on your building.

New! RXControl managing hoists of other brands.

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The BEAST – the Largest Hoist out there!

The way we build our buildings is changing. More and more prefabrication and modular ways of building are being used changing the requirement for logistics and vertical access. RAXTAR’s BEAST is a ground breaking innovation that provides contractors with the ability to lift larger volumes, with increased weight at high speed for their super tall structures. The BEAST is unequalled in its ability to lift sizes of  20’1” x 8’2⅜” x 10’7½” with weights up to 12,000 lbs* at a speed of 300 fpm. For more information please consult your RAXTAR sales contact.

* European Norms


ZRX afbeelding producten

ZRX Series


The combination of RAXTAR’s state of the art technology and ZOOMLION’s strength and unique quality mass production capacities has resulted in a new series of construction hoists offering efficient, safe and reliable vertical access to people and materials.

The ZRX Series benefit from ZOOMLION’s economies of scale while maintaining the technological advantages which differentiates RAXTAR solutions today. ZRX Series stands for optimized cost construction elevators that fully comply with European norms & regulations and the highest safety standards.

ZRX2032F Passenger & Material Hoist.

The ZRX2032F has been designed for a payload capacity of 2000 kg travelling at 42 m/min and is available in a single or twin car configuration. The ZRX2032F is equipped with European hoist control systems that are frequency control based ensuring smooth starting and stopping to minimize wear and tear, stepless speed control and precise height positioning.

The ZRX2032F is equipped with a RAXTAR safety device, overload detection and mechanical and electrical interlocking door systems to ensure safe operations.

The electrical systems of the ZRX Series hoists are based on standard components available around the globe - an open concept that lowers delivery times and costs.

Some of the ZRX2032F outstanding features:

  • Joystick or Touch Panel/PLC fully automated controls with ASI bus calling system.
  • Meets or exceeds EN12159:2012.
  • Fully galvanized ground enclosure with forklift supports for easy handling.
  • RAXTAR European certified safety device.
  • Standard European electrical components.
  • Cable trolley system for problem free cable handling.
  • Ease & speed of installation.

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