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RAXTAR, the STAR of RACK and pinion hoists! RAXTAR is a synonym for meeting the highest quality and safety standards in vertical access solutions. 

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RAXTAR Background

BK Bouwmachines (BK Construction Equipment) was founded in 1993 by John Blok. Having spent many years in the industry already, John decided to start a company of his own to manufacture Construction Hoists.

In 1994 John founded ANC Platforms & Hoists as a sister company of BK Bouwmachines, to start a rental business for Passenger Hoists, Material Hoists and Mast climbing Work Platforms. Both BK Bouwmachines and ANC Platforms & Hoists focussed on the Construction Business in the Netherlands and became the market leader in this region.

In 2003 John sold half of both companies to Pascal Matheeuwsen in order to pursue further growth and international expansion. In 2004 BK Bouwmachines was renamed RAXTAR.

Based on the many years of experience as a rental company in The Netherlands, operating many different types and brands of Hoists and Mast Climbing Work Platforms, RAXTAR introduced a new type of Construction Hoists for passenger & materials in 2005.

As a result, nowadays RAXTAR's vertical access solutions link very closely to the hoist owner’s and user’s needs of guaranteeing safe, reliable and cost effective operations 24/7.


"Understanding exactly what it takes to operate hundreds of hoists and platforms every day for many years John Blok and Pascal Matheeuwsen, the owners ANC and RAXTAR, decided to translate their years of experience in servicing, maintaining, erecting, dismantling and operating hoists and work platforms into pragmatic solutions."



"We strongly believe in open and equal partnerships. Our strategy is to make our customers smart, agile and self-supporting. Unlike other suppliers we do not use proprietary parts and therefore we do not lock our customers in. RAXTAR differentiates from others by bringing added-value to its customers where they need it."


Pascal Matheeuwsen


John Blok


Frank Kennis

Chief Technical Operations

Erwin van Schoonderwalt

Chief Finance & Administration

ANC rental services

For rental solutions please refer to our sister company ANC Platforms & Hoists. ANC Platforms & Hoist (ANC) is the leading rental company for passenger & material hoists and mast climbing work platforms in the Benelux. Besides growth in its home markets ANC pursues a leading position in the international rental market.



Lift your own ambitions!

RAXTAR's success and current & future growth is based on the talented, passionate people that design, develop, manufacture, offer and service our world class vertical access solutions. RAXTAR regularly has interesting opportunities for talented people; whether you are a professional, graduate or student, check out our job opportunities here.

Alternatively, we invite you to submit an open application. Send an e-mail with your CV and motivation to Mirjam Zijlstra mirjam.zijlstra@raxtar.com 


Business partners

RAXTAR joined forces with some strategic business partners to optimally service and reply to our customers needs. We find it important to be present in the same market as our customers, either ourselves or via a committed business partner to clearly understand the specifics of each region and optimize our customer support.

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